Bad Guys Just Wanna Have Fun

spoils 10/14/2012

potion of protection from arrows, cloak of resistance +1, alchemy kit, +1 chain shirt, masterwork rapier, 4 potions of CLW, wand of bull’s strength (8 charges), holy water (1 flask), blackfingers paste (2 doses), rainbow jellyfish toxin (3 doses), +1 chain shirt, thieves’ tools, +1 longsword, masterwork bastard sword (3), masterwork light crossbow (3), masterwork heavy steel shield (3), masterwork warplate (3).


Grom’s probing about magic effects to allow him to pursue flying enemies yielded a proposal to enchant a group of items with a common enchantment for the group.

These items would be enchanted with Air Walk, Communal, as a use-activated enchantment. This means that these items would allow the group to activate the enchantment as a free action to move as if affected by the spell (walking on air as if solid ground) for 90 minutes a day between them, divided in increments of 10 minutes (minimum) between then.

Enchanting all of these items would cost 18,000 gp (caster level x spell level x 2,000 gp) market price in total (costing only 9,000 gp in materials, to be divided by those interest) and Brian has approved both Frixis and Aganoth working concurrently to complete this enchantment, so it would only require 9 days worth of their combined efforts. Brian also approved enchanting any slot (so long as we justify the flavoring of the item’s enhancement) and that we may enchant the item with other enhancements at 1.5x the normal cost (e.g. putting the springing and stiding enhancement on shoes with this enchantment – normally 2,750 k to enchant, would be 4,125 gp to enchant). This would also apply to enhancing existing magical items with this enchantment, as the additional cost would have to be applied at the time of enchanting.

Aganoth and Agarog each agreed to pool for this enchantment, but we still wish to consult Frixis.

spoils 10/14/2012

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