Grom "Grim" Ararn

A bestial sociopath, scorned by his clan's "benevolent" conquerors.


Entries in () represent stats during rage.

Dwarf Superstitious Wild Rager Barbarian 8
CE Medium humanoid
Init + 2 Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception + 12

AC 17 (18), touch 11 (9), flat-footed 18 (18) (+ 6 breastplate, + 1 deflection, (+ 3 natural) ) (- 3 reckless abandon) (- 4 wild fighting) (+ 1 haste) (+ 4 vs. giants) (+ 2 during surprise)
hp 95 (8d12 + 24) (+ 16 rage)
Fort + 10, Ref + 3, Will + 5 (+ 2 fort, will; rage) (+ 2 vs. poison, spells, SLAs) (+ 4 vs. spells, SLAs, SUs)(+ 2 will vs. madness, confusion) (+ 1 ref, haste)
Defensive Abilities haste (10 rounds/day), rage conversion, rage powers (beast totem + 2, snatch arrows (2/day), superstitious + 4)

Speed 35 ft. (+ 30 ft haste) (rockstepper, – 50% movement penalty for slick surfaces)
Melee 2 gores + 14 (1d8 + 15), 2 claws + 14 (1d6 + 15), bite + 14 (1d4 + 10) or gore + 16 (1d8 + 15) or gauntlets + 11/ + 11/ + 6 (1d3 + 12) (power attack 3, reckless abandon 3, wild fighting) (haste? – extra attack, + 1 attack)
Ranged composite longbow + 10/ + 10/ + 5 (1d8 + 7/x3) or composite longbow + 12/ + 8 (reckless abandon 3 included) (haste? – extra attack, + 1 attack)
Special Attacks haste (10 rounds/day), rage powers (animal fury, beast totem, lesser, come and get me, fiend totem, lesser, reckless abandon), uncontrolled rage (21 rounds/day, DC 16 – confused next round, no rage cost)

Str 22 (26), Dex 10, Con 16 (20), Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 6 (rage)
Base Atk + 8; CMB + 19 (+ 2 grapple? animal fury) (+ 1 haste?) (rage, reckless abandon 3 included) CMD 24 (-3 reckless abandon) (-4 wild fighting) (+ 1 haste?) (+ 4 vs. bull rush, trip) (+ 2 during surprise)
Feats Extra Rage Power (animal fury, come and get me, fiend totem, lesser, superstitious), Power Attack

Skills Modifier Ranks Class Skill Ability Items Racial/Size Misc
Acrobatics - 3 (+ 2 jump) 0 C 0 -3 (0 jump) 0 (2 jump)
Climb + 5 (+ 7 rage) 0 C 6 (8 rage) 0 0
Perception + 12 8 C 1 0 0
Sense Motive + 9 8 1 0 0
Survival + 12 8 C 1 0 0

Languages Common, Dwarven
SQ ancient enmity (+ 1 attack vs. elves), craftsman (+ 2 craft/profession with rock/metal), stonecunning (+ 2 perception checks unusual stonework, automatic check within 10 ft.), sixth sense, weapon familiarity
Favored Class + 5 ft movement speed/5 levels
Traits broken mind, deft dodger

Combat Gear agile breastplate (spiked), amulet of mighty fists ( (0/12 days – furious,) + 1 (0/20 days + 2) ), belt of giant’s strength + 2, cleats, sky-shredder) of speed, cloak of resistance + 1, composite longbow + 1 (+ 6 strength), gloves of arrow snaring, horns of fiendish vision, gauntlets, potion of bear’s endurance, ring of protection + 1, ring of sustenance

Ammunition arrows (34)

Clothing traveler’s outfit, tailored yeti-skin coat; Storage backpack, sack; Goods/Tools book (Great Victories and Defeats of the Old Empire), chain (10 ft.), charcoal, climber’s kit, flint & steel, grappling hook, hunting knife, parchment sheet x 1, rope (hemp, 100 ft.), waterskin x 5

Money 3,023.31 gp (300 pp, 23 gp, 3 sp, 1 cp) (debt – Frixis – 1,000 gp)
Crafting Materials 0 gp

Special Abilities
Rage Conversion (Ex): At 5th level, a wild rager who fails a saving throw against any mind-affecting effect can attempt a new saving throw at the beginning of her next turn. If the save succeeds, that effect ends and she instead rages and becomes confused as noted above.

Sixth Sense (Ex): At 3rd level, the superstitious barbarian gains a +1 bonus on initiative and a +1 insight bonus to AC during surprise rounds. This bonus increases by +1 for every three levels after 3rd.

Uncontrolled Rage (Ex): A wild rager’s rage functions as normal, except that when he reduces a creature to 0 or fewer hit points, he must attempt a Will save (DC 10 + the barbarian’s level + the barbarian’s Charisma modifier) or become confused. For the remainder of her current turn, he attacks the nearest creature other than herself. On the following round, refer to the confusion spell to determine her actions. At the end of this round, and each round thereafter, he can attempt a new saving throw to end the confusion effect. The rounds during which he is confused do not count against the rounds he has spent raging that day, but he cannot end her rage voluntarily, nor can he use rage powers while confused.

Wild Fighting (Ex): At 2nd level, even when not raging, wild ragers often fight with reckless, savage abandon. A wild rager using the full-attack action can make one extra attack per round at her highest base attack bonus. Until the beginning of her next turn, however, he takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls and –4 penalty to AC.

9 – Raging Vitality
11 – Extra Rage Power/Heavy Armor Proficiency?
13 – Raging Brutality
15 – Dazing Assault
17 – Stunning Assault
Rage Powers:
10 – Beast Totem, Greater
11B? – Quick Reflexes?


Information at a glance

Race Dwarf
Age 44 years old
Height 4’1"; Weight 210 lbs. Build short, muscular
Hair/Beard blood-stained black Eye-color dark


He is a short, but stout, muscular dwarf with a thick neck, big calloused hands, and powerful forearms. Most of his face is obscured by his long, unkempt, blood-stained black hair and beard, save for a pair of angry, judgmental, dark eyes and a bit of his tan, scarred complexion.

His clothing is a combination of animal skins and furs from hunting and sturdy traveling clothes clearly salvaged in a hodge-podge manner. He wears a dirty breastplate that clearly did not fit him originally and which also appears to have been modified with spikes as well as a pair of sturdy cleat-strapped boots.


His stature may be short, but his posture and body language belie his pride and animosity. He stands tall, walks vigorously, and purposefully and resembles, in no small way, a miniature bear in both his presence and his apparent lack of concern for his surroundings.


Family matters

The Ararn name used to mean something, before Grom’s clan was destroyed. They were a well established and fearsome, albeit cruel, clan of dwarves, who were eradicated for their transgressions in an act of “justice.” Grom witnessed the death of his kinsmen first-hand as a small child, old enough to remember the horror of the event and the forms of their conquerors, but young enough that the valor of the shining figures who assailed his home could not bear it on their valor to slay him too.

Home away from home

Grom’s benefactors abducted the young dwarf in his trauma and delivered him far away from the clutches of his clan’s land and their allies to a small orphanage in seclusion and was given a new name. There he grew, troubled by nightmares, victim of bigotry and abuse, beast of burden among the children and his guardians, coming of age, but never finding his place until one day something in him snapped.


In a wild fury, Grom brought one of his caretakers to the ground and began beating and clawing at him furiously and he did not stop until well after all resistance left the man’s body. His once fragile childhood frame had filled out with muscle and a thick hide that did not yield to any of his victim’s desperate pleas at self defense. What Grom felt; that absolution at ending the victimization, at punishing the transgressions against him, for bringing this prideful liar to his knees, pleading for his life; it felt good. For the first time in his life, he felt truly alive. Grom was lost in his emotions; hatred, resentment, envy, power, pride, a visceral physical pleasure. Everything he had kept bottled inside his suffering shell spilled forth as a swirling vortex of rage as he felled those who came to the aid of his first victim; until one by one he slew every one of the workers and the other orphans who had plagued him, by his own bloodied hands.


Grom took his spoils from his captors; travel clothing, food and a map; and made his way from the scene of his suffering and his crime. He felt no shame for what he had done and immediately set off to find whatever remained of his homeland decades later. Before long, the wake of his actions were discovered and he was beset by members of a society he no longer gave any heed. Many tried to kill him and for sometime he lived like an animal, hunting and sleeping in the woods, often fighting when discovered and still traveling to find his homeland.

All is laid barren

After long arduous journey, Grom was able to find and return to his homeland, but all that remained was rubble and mass graves. He searched for any sign of his family, their belongings, even so much as a crest of his family to take for himself, but looters and salvagers had clearly taken every last piece decades ago. What the scavengers had not taken from his clan’s land, soldiers, time and weather had; buildings and fields lay fallow, overgrown with weeds and decaying into the earth, forgotten relics of his heritage soon to be swallowed by the earth and grown over by the rest of the world. For a time, his sorrow, his despair, his hopelessness knew no bounds.

A grim resolution

Finally, Grom became resolved. Since his clan, everything that he was, had been erased and denied from him; Grom and the Ararn clan were no more, but he would make those who laid his life to waste know the name of the boy whose life they ruined with their hollow justice, valor and benevolence and then he would witness their regret by his own might.

Grom Ararn is no more

Since then Grom has never used his name. Those who knew his name are dead and his clan’s name is nearly forgotten, merely ghosts of an age passed. He is known to most only by his aliases and reputation, but Grom hangs onto the knowledge of his name only for his reckoning, for Grom and clan Ararn are no more but a memory, even to him.

Grom’s Aliases

In lieu of a proper name, Grom has earned a variety of colorful aliases:

  • The Bloody Berzerker
  • The Red Rager
  • The Crimson Claw
  • Blood Beard
  • The Beast
  • Grim


A ghost of the past, unable to move on

The destruction of clan Ararn and subjugation of Grom in his foster home destroyed his sense of identity and all but eliminated his attachment to his name and his kin. Only resentment and anger keeps Grom clinging to his identity, which he shares with no one. Once he attains his revenge, he has no plans for his life.

Justice and righteousness are convenient lies

Grom has witnessed concepts like valor, honor, justice, as banners under which he saw his clan tread under foot and his life transformed to human waste in a forgotten home. As a result, he Grom resents these egotistical concepts and devalues them as hollow excuses to do what people want with the conviction that they are right. Punishing the arrogant wretches of the world who hide behind justice, valor, honor, and righteousness; ruining lives and padding their egos; is as important to Grom as the search for the conquerors of his clan. This is important to him both in supporting his ideology, which is probably the only thing preventing a collapse into complete psychosis, and because he has no leads on those he most wishes to confront.

Animalism is earnesty

Because of Grom’s sordid history, he is strong-willed, fiercely independent and no less than a complete sociopath. In fact, Grom sees himself as more brave and honest in proceeding to do what he wants regardless of the judgement and will of others. Like an animal, the only principle that Grom embraces is survival of the fittest. In a way, Grom sees humanoids as broken animals, perverting the one rule of nature to their own ends.

The Marrow Reavers

When presented with a chest marked with his name, Grom accosted Lillith’s servant about how he knew his name, and what he knew of the fate of his clan. It was revealed to him that his clan was destroyed by a group called the Marrow Reavers. Specifically, Grom was given the names of those who destroyed his clan and carved these names on the inside of his arms:

  • Azrikalis – a Quassit who avoid civilization
  • Lamya Nilawi
  • Najak
  • Narim Al-Rhad

The Marrow Reavers are a freelance group, often associated with the D.I.C.K.s, but not directly affiliated with them. A best guess at their current location is possibly somewhere in desert?

Notes (to be integrated)

Najak – Gnoll Barbarian (female, professional, sadistic, leader) (wears chainmail, cloak, camped in desert)
Azrikalis – Quassit (avoids cities entirely, hides invisibly in town, electrical attacks) (wears star ruby with long spikes)
Lamya Nilawi – female half-elf Ranger (has friendly contacts) (wears breastplate, comp longbow)
Narim Al-Rhad – male human Nexian Sorcerer(hated by Order of Urgothoa) (unarmored, carries spear and various adornments)

Relic – Brazen Claw

Avoid civilization, follow the law, work for employers who aren’t concerned with the aftermath.

Grom "Grim" Ararn

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