Horns of Fiendish Vision

A pair of tiny ebony horns that allow the user to see invisibility


Aura faint (divination); CL 3rd

Slot eyes; Price 2,400 gp; Weight -


When this tiny pair of ebony horns is placed upon a creature’s forehead, they implant themselves above the creature’s brow in a process that is unsettling, if not particularly painful. Once implanted, the horns appear to be firmly implanted, as if young horns budding from the creature’s head.

As a free action, the wearer of horns of fiendish vision can will the horns to activate, causing veins in their forehead to visibly bulge, coursing a dim red as blood flows out of the corners of the creature’s eyes, covering them completely. Though this appearance is unnerving, it allows the creature to see as though affected by a see invisibility spell for up to 10 minutes each day. These minutes need not be consecutive, but must be expended in minimum increments of 10 minutes each.

A creature wishing to remove these horns may grip the tips of each horn and pull, causing the horns to pull themselves out in a painful process, not unlike pushing an arrow through a wound, that also causes the flesh, bone, and other materials displaced by the horns to return to their original postion, leaving no holes, but two small scars atop the creature’s head.

Construction Requirements

Craft Wonderous Item, See Invisibility; Cost 1,200 gp


Horns of Fiendish Vision

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